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How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo has exploded in popularity in recent years with players drawn to the allure of big money jackpots, exciting themes and greater mobile compatibility than ever before.

From the comfort of your own home, and whether you use a mobile, tablet or laptop, simply sign up to your favourite bingo site, take advantage of the many great bingo promotions on offer and get ready to be entertained for hours.

What is 90 ball bingo?

90 ball bingo works by prompting players to buy numbered bingo tickets. One 90 ball bingo ticket consists of 27 squares, designed in 9 columns x 3 rows and laid out as follows:

1-9 in the 1st Column

10-19 in the 2nd Column

20-29 in the 3rd Column

30-39 in the 4th Column

40-49 in the 5th Column

50-59 in the 6th Column

60-69 in the 7th Column

70-79 in the 8th Column

80-90 in the 9th Column

As randomly selected numbers are called, be quick to recognise any that appear on your ticket and then dab it. Most online bingo sites offer an auto dab feature that can make things a little bit easier but if you want to feel more involved you can dab your ticket manually.

During the game numbers are only called once so make sure you’re focused because the 1st place winner is the player that covers any 1 line pattern, the 2nd place winner covers any 2 line pattern and the Full House winner covers all 3 lines on the ticket.

90 Ball Bingo Prizes and Jackpots

You will be pleased to hear that in most cases online 90 ball bingo games have a minimum guaranteed jackpot, although the total prize is decided by how many players are in the game and how many tickets have been purchased. In other words, the more cash in the pot, the more chance you have of winning big.

So why not tell your friends about 90 ball bingo and get them to play with you online. Who knows, you might be taking all of their money at the end of the night, although next time they will have the chance to win it back!

90 Ball Bingo Tips

Learn the Rules: Whilst the rules of 90 ball bingo are pretty much universally consistent, you should familiarise yourself with the game instructions at each online bingo site because they may offer slightly different information, especially when it comes to jackpots and you don’t want to miss out on any prize money!

Watch for Special Promotions: All UK online bingo providers run a host of special bingo offers throughout the year so it’s worth searching around for any special promotions before you play, especially if you’re a new player. Some of the most popular offers include buy one get one specials where for every ticket you purchase, a free one will be added.

Avoid peak hour play: To maximise your chances of winning it might be wiser to try and avoid playing in peak hours. Simple maths dictates that the more players playing, the harder it could be for you to win. Instead of rushing for your smartphone when everyone is online, focus on playing during off-peak hours; a quick bit of research at your chosen bingo site will often reveal the games and start times that attract the most players. 

Purchase more tickets: Rather than playing with a single card, your chances could be greatly increased if you purchase more than one 90 ball bingo ticket. Many players prefer to buy a bingo strip that includes 6 tickets and this ensures that every possible number from 1 to 90 is included within the purchase. Just be sure to stick to your budget and always play responsibly.