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A Guide To Winning Bingo Strategies!

A Guide To Winning Bingo Strategies!

Run out of beginner’s luck? Looking for a bigger return on your stake? Although there’s not much you can do to alter the randomness of the bingo numbers drawn, there are a number of winning bingo strategy tips you can adopt that could improve your chances of securing that big bingo jackpot.

From studying the rules of each game to playing with multiple cards, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to winning bingo strategies below:

  1. Reduce the competition

Unlike some casino games where the higher the number of players, the larger the prize money, online bingo works slightly differently. Since the prize money is not based on the size of the player pool, it’s almost always better to play an online bingo game against as few opponents as possible.

To maximise your chances of playing in a smaller field, you need to do a little research to decipher popular play times at each site. For example, early evening in the UK could be busy as people fire up their smartphones for a quick game at a mobile bingo site on the way back from work.

If you want to go the extra mile, seek out bingo rooms with different times zones so you can play ahead or behind the off-peak times. Alternatively, you can log in to your chosen online bingo site on weekday mornings or at early hours if you’re a night owl!

  1. Play Multiple Cards

Buying multiple bingo cards is the most popular bingo strategy employed by online bingo pros. The more bingo cards you play with, the higher your chances of winning, it’s as simple as that.

Since the potential prize pot soars with more cards, purchasing multiple cards at a lower level is also cost-effective as it increases the possibility of winning,

If your budget is more flexible, online bingo players can also purchase more expensive cards that offer the allure of bigger cash prizes.

  1. Know the game

Before you start playing make sure you familiarise yourself with the rules of each game at each individual site. Do you know your 75-ball bingo from 90-ball bingo?

Read the how to play guidance, or check out our how to play guide, to discover all relevant prize information before you purchase any tickets because game rules can differ from site to site. For example, at some bingo rooms prizes are awarded for number combinations beyond just a single row.

  1. Use the chat room functions

One of the many advantages of online bingo is the fact that you can chat with other players in the chat room. Although this might not directly increase your chances of winning, it’s a good chance to mingle with the online bingo community and learn many tips and tricks.

At some bingo sites, exclusive chat room prizes are also up for grabs for loyal members.

  1. Trust the reviews

We’ve all been there; you encounter a run of bad luck and then all of a sudden you start to think the world is against you and the game must be fixed.

Fear not though because online bingo sites operate under rigorous legislation that means fair play must be upheld at all times.

To find the safest and most trusted bingo sites, have a look through our comprehensive bingo site reviews and read up about the different software and networks available.

Our job is to find the best bingo sites that offer the best bingo bonuses and all of the offers featured on the site are updated regularly to ensure you never miss out.