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Different Types of Bingo Site Games & Variants

Different Types of Online Bingo Games & Variants

Online bingo has exploded in popularity during recent years so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are now dozens of ways for you to enjoy the UK’s favourite pastime online.

Breaking from traditional 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo offerings, online bingo sites now give you a chance to play a plethora of other types of bingo games that can be just as fun- and even more rewarding.

From speed bingo to tv-themed incarnations, we bring you the most popular online bingo games and variants currently found on the web:

Speed bingo

Popularised by many of the UK’s leading bingo brands including Betfred Bingo, speed bingo is a fast- paced 90-ball or 30-ball bingo game (depending on where you’re playing) perfect for those who want to enjoy quick game turnarounds but don’t want to sacrifice the chance to win big-money jackpots.

Balls are called at a much faster rate than is usually the norm for classic bingo games, with one number called every second in most cases, but jackpots can be just as big, and you get your adrenaline fix to boot. With regular one line, two line and full house prizes all to play for, this game is ideal for players who want some quick-fire fun and, if they are lucky, speedy wins.

75 Ball bingo

75-Ball Bingo (or pattern Bingo as it’s sometimes known) is an American-style bingo game that was brought to UK shores following the advent of online bingo.

Breaking from the regular 3- line win format, to secure prizes bingo players must mark off certain numbers and patterns on a 5 x 5 grid. As the name suggests, there are only 75 balls set to be called and the objective is to mark off numbers that help create patterns (i.e. letter-shaped like A) or even number-shaped patterns (i.e 1).

75 ball bingo game prizes can be won in as little as 4 calls but some can take a lot longer (i.e. blackout – where you mark off all 25 numbers on the ticket).

80 Ball bingo

Similar to arcade bingo, or bingo played typically enjoyed on old-fashioned seaside piers, 80 ball bingo has witnessed an online resurgence in recent years and can often be found in the games section at a number of the best UK bingo sites.

Tickets consist of 4 lines of 4 numbers and in order win you must dab off one line and then a full house from the 80 numbers that are randomly generated and called out. Be sure to study the 80 ball bingo game rules at each site though because different bingo providers sometimes pay-out on
on horizontal lines only, while others allow vertical or diagonal line wins.

90 Ball Bingo

If you’ve ever played online bingo before there’s a good chance you were playing 90 Ball Bingo, the most common type of game found at bingo sites across the UK.

Just like in traditional bingo halls, the game features 90 numbers in total that will be randomly called. Each player has a ticket with 3 lines of 5 numbers to mark off and when you get one you dab your ticket – it’s that easy. The first player/players to mark off all numbers in 1 line win the 1 line prize, and the same happens with 2 lines, finishing off with the full house, or all numbers crossed off your card

Themed Bingo

As bingo providers look to innovate and attract new players, a number of exciting pop culture bingo mash-ups have emerged.

Deal or No Deal bingo, a game based on the popular TV show, is a standard 90-ball or 75-ball bingo title that features the addition of 22 Deal or No Deal boxes that show up next to your card.

Found on bingo sites like Crown Bingo, not only can you win regular bingo prizes and the progressive jackpot, but you can also increase the chances of you landing extra cash should you win the full house prize.

In Deal or No Deal bingo 21 boxes are numbered and players are prompted to mark off each one as the relevant number is called. In a fun twist, when the full house winner is announced, they will be made an offer by the banker that reflects the amounts in the boxes left; from there the power is in your hands! Will you Deal or No Deal?