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Top Tips On How To Win At Bingo

If you see a winners’ name popping up on the screen, do you wonder how did they do that?  Maybe they got that full house because they had a clever bingo strategy or did they get that line win because they were wearing their lucky shirt!

If you are new to Online Bingo and wondering about how to give yourself the best shot at winning then we would like to share our experience with you. So read on for our top bingo tips on how to win.

Purchase The Maximum Number Of Tickets

Basically the more bingo tickets you buy for a game, the greater your chances are of winning. Say, there are 50 players each with 10 tickets which is a total of 500 cards. If you buy just 10 more tickets, then there are 510 tickets in the game which means that you have 20 chances out of 510 to win the game, whilst the other players only have 10 chances out of 510. As you won’t know how many tickets other players have bought, it’s always a good idea to buy as many as your budget allows per game to give you the best chances.
Where you can, always get the maximum number of tickets available. There are always lots of 1p bingo games available during the day where you can get the maximum tickets for just over £1.

Try Playing Early Or Late To Reduce The Competition

Bingo games that are played in the early morning or late at night tend to have fewer players. And the fewer players you have as competitors, the more chances you have to win – it’s that simple. A good tip is to log in at different times throughout the day and take note of the number of players to find the “quieter” rooms. Whilst bigger prizes are often on offer during the peak hours, there are usually a lot more people playing for them. It can be great fun playing to try and win a large prize, but the odds are much more in your favour in less busy rooms with smaller cash prizes.

Use Your Bingo Bonuses

If you have been lucky enough to find or win a bingo bonus, don’t forget to use it before it expires. Check out the No Deposit Bingo Bonus offers available, as you can often use your bonus funds to buy tickets for bingo games. This is a great way to keep playing without making a deposit.

Take Advantage Of Any Bingo Promotions

Most bingo sites offer regular bingo promotions. You can win bonuses, enhanced prizes, vouchers and play Free Bingo during certain times of the day and certain days of the week. Its always worth checking out the Promotions Tab to keep up to date with the latest offers.

Play More Bingo to Win More Bingo

Winning at Bingo often comes down to the law of averages. So, the more you play, the more chances you have to win. Remember to stay within your budget and be patient if your numbers don’t come up straight away. Don’t forget that you can have a lot of fun playing bingo online …. you can chat with fellow players in the chat rooms, try out the mini games and you can vary the rooms you play in, to find the ones you like best. Why not try out new bingo sites to keep things fresh and interesting.

In summary:

Whilst Bingo is a game of pure chance, you can increase the odds of winning in your favour by following our bingo tips.