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A Guide to Bingo Chat Games

Whilst playing bingo is likely to be the main reason to visit a bingo site, participating in bingo chat games is often another good reason to join a bingo site. Bingo chat games are an opportunity to meet other players, have some fun and maybe even pick up a great bonus. If you are interested in experiencing the fun and entertainment that is the bingo chat game, then read on to learn more.

Reasons to Play Bingo Chat Games

In order to get the most out of your online bingo experience, we suggest trying out some chat games as players often find them to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The games are fast-paced, sociable and always entertaining. Plus they help you while away the time between games, meet other players, have a bit of a laugh or joke and possibly even pick up a prize or two.

Playing bingo online is often a solitary experience, particularly if you compare it to playing at a real life bingo hall. So chat games can help you connect with other players and give you the chance to gossip and have fun, just like you would if you were all sitting around in the same room.

An additional benefit to joining a chat game is that often prizes are offered in the form of a bonus credit, so you get a financial benefit as well as a social one!

Playing A Bingo Chat Game

If you want to start playing in a bingo chat game, select one of the bingo sites and select a chat room. You then need to have the chat window open for your room and make sure you keep an eye on it before and during the game. The chat games are managed and led by the Chat Moderator (CM).

There are often a variety of different game types available from quizzes to mini bingo style games. In order to see what the upcoming games are for any room, all you need to do is join the chat room and keep an eye on the CM. The CM posts an advance warning when a new game is about to start and will also let you know the rules. If you’re not sure of anything, then it’s fine to ask as you will usually find that the other players and moderators are friendly and happy to help you out.
Whilst most chat games are free, occasionally you might be asked to pay a small amount or have tickets in the upcoming bingo game to participate. This then gives you the opportunity for a chance of a bonus if you win.

The Main Types of Bingo Chat Games

Bingo chat games can generally be categorised into four main types:

Roomie or team games: These games are recommended if one of your priorities is to meet other players. When you play a roomie game you are usually teamed up with one or more other roomies. The if one player on the team wins, everyone else gets a prize too. Sometimes you can play a game where if one player wins, the players listed above and below them also win. Another example of a roomie game is a player wins and  the other players whose names start with the same letter as the winner also get a prize. These team games can be great entertainment and you can expect a lot of chat and laughs as you play.

Themed games: Chat games come in all sorts of themes just like the bingo games do. So you can find games themed on TV, Sport, current events, animations, the seasons, holidays and many more. Many of the themed games are in the form of quick quizzes or questions where your specialist knowledge allows you to win a prize. Sometimes these games are made a little easier and gives everyone more of a chance as the answer is shown with missing letters, like a certain number of vowels.

Number games: Most of the number chat games are like guessing games where you have to guess which ball will be called last or first in the bingo game. Alternatively the game might ask you to indicate mirrored numbers, like 12 and 21 or 35 and 53 or 45 and 54.

Trivia games: Trivia games are typically quizzes on a variety of random topics which are led by the CM who asks a question and the first person to get the answer right wins. The questions can be about a whole range of topics including general knowledge, films, music, TV programmes & popular culture. If you like pub trivia quizzes then you are going to love these games.

Whilst these four game types are typically the most common chat games to be found, the CM can be as creative as they want! So games may involve a whole host of other things like guessing song lyrics, solving anagrams and much more. There’s always new chat games being developed so why not check out a New Bingo Site to see what appeals to you.

In Summary:

Chat games are a great way of socialising online and also give you more of a feeling of play at a real life bingo hall with real people. So after reading this guide and now that you know more about the chat games, why not give them a go. Keep your eye on the ball and you might be able to scoop up a very nice bonus! And don’t forget you can check out our No Deposit Bingo Sites for some extra bonuses!